Faculty Senate

March 20, 2008
3:00 - 5:00 PM
Reitz Union Auditorium

• Approval of February 21, 2008 minutes Rick Yost, Chair
• Chair's Report
Rick Yost, Chair
• President's Report Bernie Machen, President
Information Items:  
Proposed Bachelor of Science in Sustainability and the Built Environment in the College of Design, Construction and Planning Daniel Wubah, University Curriculum Committee Chair

Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave Recommendations

Saeed Khan, Research and Scholarship Policy Council Chair

University Curriculum Committee and General Education Council Chair Proposal

Jack Mecholsky, Ad-Hoc Committee Chair
Vehicle Management Plan Jerry Cutler, Infrastructure Council Chair
Sunset proposal: PhD and EdD in Student Personnel in Higher Education Henry Frierson, Dean of the Graduate School
Action Items:  

Graduate Council Proposal:

Sunset Master of Health Science in Physical Therapy (MHS) Process Graduate Degree Program

Henry Frierson, Dean of the Graduate School

Honorary Degrees Committee nominees

David Denslow, Honorary Degrees Committee Chair

General Education Committee Gordon Rule Proposal

Andy McCollough, General Education Committee Chair
Committee on Committees membership revision proposal to the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Committee John Leavey, Committee on Committees Chair

Open Discussion from the Floor of the Senate


Rick Yost, Chair

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