Faculty Senate

January 17, 2008
3:00 - 5:00 PM
Reitz Union Auditorium

• Approval of December 13, 2007 minutes Rick Yost , Chair
• Chair's Report
Rick Yost , Chair
• President's Report Bernie Machen , President
Information Items:  
Healthy Gators 2010 Chris Machen, Healthy Gators 2010 steering committee chair and Jill Varnes, vice chair
Report from the ad-hoc committee on a Civil, Safe and Open Environment Kim Tanzer, Committee Chair

Constitution Committee

Council membership language

Cathy Martyniak , Constitution Committee Chair
Action Items:  
Sustainability Resolution Jeff Burkhardt, Sustainability Committee Chair

Curriculum Committee Item

Request to change degree name from Turfgrass Science to Golf and Sports Turf Management

Daniel Wubah, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

Constitution Committee

Recommended changes to the Constitution

Summary of recommended changes

Cathy Martyniak , Constitution Committee Chair

Open Discussion from the Floor of the Senate


Rick Yost, Chair

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