Senate Steering Committee

January 5, 2005
3:00 - 5:00 PM
226 Tigert Hall

• Approval of December 8, 2005 minutes Kim Tanzer, Chair
• Chair's Report
• President's Report
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Bernie Machen, President
Open Floor Discussion: Bernie Machen, President
Information Items:  
• Human Resource Initiatives
• Senate/Union Relations
• Ad Hoc electronic voting committee
• Ombudsman
• Faculty/Student Summit
Kyle Cavanaugh, VP for Human Resources
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Council Reports:  
• Budgeting Council
• Faculty Welfare Council
• Academic Policy Council
• Academic Infrastructure Council
• Research Council
Frank Bova, Chair
Mike Katovich, Chair
Joan Frosch, Chair
Brian Weber, Chair
Richard Yost, Chair
Action Items:  
• Approval of Agenda for Senate Meeting
• Create Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate electronic voting
Kim Tanzer, Chair

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