Senate Steering Committee

October 6, 2005
3:00 - 5:00 PM
202 Tigert Hall

• Approval of September 15, 2005 minutes Kim Tanzer, Chair
• Chair's Report
• President's Report
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Bernie Machen, President
Open Floor Discussion: Bernie Machen, President
Information Items:  
• UF Regulations
Master Plan
Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics
• Healthy Gators 2010
• Curriculum Committee
Barbara Wingo, Deputy General Counsel
Kim Tanzer on behalf of Linda Dixon
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Jill Varnes, Dean College of HHP
Ken Gerhardt, Interim Dean Graduate Programs
     Move International Business concentration to a major under the Master of Arts degree College of Business
     PhD Degree with a major in Genetics Multi-college department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Council Reports:  
• Budgeting Council
• Faculty Welfare Council
• Research Council
• Academic Policy Council
• Academic Infrastructure Council
Frank Bova, Chair
Mike Katovich, Chair
Saeed Khan, Chair
Jack Mecholsky, Chair
Scott Nygren, Chair
Action Items:  
• Approval of Agenda for Senate Meeting
• Moving the February Senate Meeting
Kim Tanzer, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair

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