Senate Steering Committee

October 7, 2004
3:00 PM
226 Tigert Hall


Pierre Ramond, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair-Elect
Anthony Brennan, Past-Chair
Rick Ragan, Secretary
Barbara Wingo, Parliamentarian
Kim Emery
Joan Frosch
Gene Hemp
Mike Katovich
James Klausner

Sheila Dickison
Joe Glover
Vernon Kisling
Jack Mecholsky
David Colburn
Robert Cousins
James Cusick
Saeed Khan
Pradeep Kumar
Bernie Machen


Pierre Ramond
Pierre Ramond
Pierre Ramond
Vernon Kisling
Joe Glover
Sheila Dickison
Anthony Brennan
Pierre Ramond/ James Klausner

Approval of September 2, 2004 Minutes

Pierre Ramond

Discussion: No Discussion.

Conclusions: Minutes of the September 2 meeting were approved unanimously.

Update on Councils & Committees

Pierre Ramond

Discussion: The Chairs of the Senate councils and standing committees met with Dr. Ramond on September 30, 2004. Discussion entailed the inadequacy felt by Council Chairs' on the one-year term of service defined in the UF Senate Constitution. They proposed changing the term of each member to three years and changing council membership to six seats. These changes need to be voted on and approved by the Faculty Senate. For the first election there will be a staggered term so that the membership always includes individuals that have prior service on the Council. The upcoming election will be determined based on the number of votes that each individual receives. The individuals with the highest number of votes will be elected for three years, the next two individuals will be elected for two years and the final two will be elected for one year terms. After this year each elected individual will serve three years. It is also noted that the individual, at the time of election, must be a voting Faculty Senator. Those that served during the interim term could stand for reelection if they are voting senators. There will be nominations and election procedures as outlined in the Constitution; encouragement to reelect dedicated and knowledgeable individuals was deemed appropriate. The council elections will be formally posted on the Senate website.

Conclusions: The Constitution Committee will draft language to change the constitution. At the October 21st Senate meeting, senators will be asked to vote on a resolution to postpone the council elections. The proposed constitutional changes, including extending the length of the term and changing the number of seats will be presented at the November 18th meeting as an information item. The proposal will be presented as an action item at the December 16th Senate meeting. Nominations will then be closed and ballots posted on the Faculty Senate website following this meeting. Newly elected council members will begin their service immediately.

Implementation of Shared Governance

Pierre Ramond

Discussion: Pierre Ramond has formally asked President Machen to review and provide comments on the report from the Senate Committee on Tenure. Pierre Ramond said the Senate needs a system for allowing the Administration to express their views on Senate Committee recommendations before the Senate acts on them so as to enrich the ensuing discussion.

Conclusions: In response to a question, Pierre Ramond agreed to consult and query both the Steering and Nomination Committee whenever Administrators request suggestions for Faculty to serve on Committees.

Amendment of Constitution - Article VI, Section 9

Vernon Kisling

Discussion: Vernon Kisling, representing the Academic and Professional Assembly, presented a proposed revision for Article VI, Section 9, of the UF Constitution. The revision would correct the name and define the constituency of the group.


Action Items: A motion was made to send the proposed revision to the Constitution Committee. Once passed the amendment will then be put forward to the Faculty Senate for acceptance. Motion passed.

Person Responsible:
Constitution Committee


Academic Learning Compact

Joe Glover

Discussion: The Board of Governors (BoG) has instituted the Academic Learning Compact, a compact between a student and his/her University that assesses the student's education process (learning outcomes), and proposes methods to evaluate them. The BoG has not yet specified the methods of evaluation but several options have been offered. They have asked that an assessment and identification of the programs currently in place be submitted by December. Joe Glover is the contact for the UF effort. He has asked Associate Deans in each of the colleges to have their departments elucidate student learning outcomes and how they evaluate them. The Steering Committee agreed collectively that faculty needs to voice their stand on this issue through the most appropriate channel. Gene Hemp emphasized the importance of speaking with BoT members and ask for their input into this matter. The BoT should be part of this process and should be communicating with the BoG on these matters. Pierre Ramond said that basic principles of faculty governance could be at risk. "The basic principle is that faculty is the gatekeeper of the quality of education it provides." All agreed that the Faculty has the right and duty and should be responsible for defining the student's curriculum program and its quality. The Faculty already monitors students through testing and other means to ensure they are achieving at the highest level. Several members stated that there are currently measures in place that define the success of the students, including licensure tests, enrollment in graduate schools, jobs, etc. These are not measures needed in order to graduate but are measures that identify the success of the students. It was noted also that several colleges currently have procedures and assessment tools in place to assess their students' achievements. It is important to note there are variations among all colleges and fields of study and this needs to be considered in these compacts.

Joe Glover noted several options being considered for these compacts. Specified outcomes could include critical/analytical skills, knowledge of the targeted area as well as communication and interaction skills. Joe Glover stated that grades are not a full measure of what a student has learned, rather it has been suggested that each student have a portfolio to be reviewed, internship evaluation, etc.

Conclusions: The Steering Committee will strive to release a statement within a week. It was noted that all members take time to express their thoughts and ideas and to pass them around. Pierre Ramond will compile a letter based on these recommendations, suggestions, thoughts, etc. It was noted the urgency of this matter and the importance of having the President, Faculty Senate as well as Board of Trustees involved in addressing this issue. Joe Glover will address the Faculty Senate at the Senate meeting scheduled October 21, 2004. Several Board of Trustee members were identified as members to contact to discuss this.

University Curriculum Committee

Sheila Dickison

Discussion: The University Curriculum Committee has six items that require Senate approval. These include a name change for the Whitney Laboratory, changes to the General Education requirements, a new Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, a new Master of Science in Decision and Information Sciences degree, a new Master of Science in Management and Sunsetting the Master of Agriculture (non-thesis) degree.


Action Items: Gene Hemp put forth the Motion which was seconded by Kim Emery. The items were approved and will be put forth in front of the Faculty Senate at the October 21st meeting.

Person Responsible:
Sheila Dickison
Ken Gerhardt

Deadline: 10/21/2004

AACFS Meeting

Anthony Brennan

Discussion: Tony Brennan will be attending a meeting of the AACFS (Academic Advisory Council of Faculty Senates) on Friday, 10/8/2004. The AACFS is a state University representation of Faculty Senates. Each institution is allowed to have three members - the chair, chair-elect and immediate past-chair. He urged the Steering Committee to make every effort to send all three members to the AACFS meetings. By sending all three there is greater opportunity to have input. (Three votes instead of one.)

Conclusions: Tony Brennan will attend the October 8 AACFS meeting and will report to the Senate Steering Committee at its meeting on November 4, 2004.

Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Tenure - Format for Faculty Senate Discussion

Pierre Ramond/ James Klausner

Discussion: It was agreed, at the October 21, 2004 meeting the Administration's take on the Senate Committee's recommendations be presented by Provost David Colburn, followed by a presentation from James Klausner of his Committee's recommendations. The Steering Committee members agreed that a straw poll (no discussion) of each recommendation be conducted afterwards. The purpose of the straw poll is to distinguish the most contentious recommendations from those that may be accepted straightforwardly. This will allow for parceling out discussion time at the October 21st and 28th meeting. It was suggested that the entire faculty be involved in the voting since this is such an important issue and affects them. Pierre Ramond expressed that it should initially be presented in front of the Faculty Senate and based on their response if need be it will be put forth to all Faculty members. At the next meeting each Senator will be encouraged to discuss with their Unit the recommendations and the report to get their feedback.

Conclusions: Pierre Ramond will ask Provost Colburn to present the Administration's views on the report of the Senate Committee on Tenure at the Senate's October 21st Meeting.

Additional Information

Meeting adjourned at 5:23 P.M. The next scheduled meeting will be held on November 4th, 2004.
President Machen should be encouraged to attend Steering Committee meetings whenever possible.

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