Faculty Senate Meeting

April 14, 2005
3:00 - 5:00 PM
The Constans Theatre - Nadine McGuire Theatre & Dance Pavilion


Approval of March 17, 2005 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Pierre Ramond, Chair
• Chair's Report Pierre Ramond, Chair
• President's Report Bernie Machen, President
Election of Chair-Elect Pierre Ramond, Chair
• UF Branding Presentation Pete Hanley, Consultant
Action Items  
Name Change - Graduate Engineering Research Center Sheila Dickison, Chair, Curriculum Committee
• New Degree Proposals
  1. Master of Science with a Major in Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology
  2. Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology
  3. Masters in International Taxation
Ken Gerhardt, Dean, Graduate School
• Proposed Constitutional Language -
  1. Article II Section 5 - APA Assembly
Chris Snodgrass, Chair, Constitution Committee
UF Libraries Scott Nygren, Chair, Council on Academic Infrastructure & Support
UF Calendars
  1. 2005 Commencement Ceremonies
Sheila Dickison, Chair, Curriculum Committee
Joan Frosch, Chair, Council on Academic Policy, Curriculum & Structure
Information Items  
• Constitution Committee
  1. Rules Report
Chris Snodgrass, Chair, Constitution Committee
• Nominating Committee
  1. Report
Carol Kem, Chair, Nominating Committee
Special Event  
Grand Finale School of Theatre & Dance

Approval of March 17, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Pierre Ramond

Discussion: No discussion.

Action Taken: Minutes were approved unanimously.

Next Action: Minutes will be posted on the Faculty Senate website.

Chair's Report

Pierre Ramond

Presentation: Chair Ramond thanked the Faculty Senate. He thanked council members, committee members and senators for their efforts this year. He announced that Christie Hennigan will be leaving her position in the Senate office on May 13th. He thanked her for her outstanding service and presented her a gift certificate on behalf of the Senate Steering Committee.

Chair-Elect Tanzer stepped forward to present Dr. Ramond with a gift of appreciation for his service and dedication as chair of the Faculty Senate.

President's Report

Bernie Machen

Presentation: President Machen thanked Pierre Ramond for the dedication he has given to the Senate, university and shared governance. President Machen said he wished to address four topics during his remarks.

  • The Legislature - Now is the time where UF is advised of which bills are going to move and which will not. The administration is cautiously optimistic about the budget at this time. The key for the universities is to be included in what is called administered funds which are funds that the state supports. The governor's budget for those entities that are in administered funds includes the 2.5% merit raise and full reimbursement of the increased cost of health benefits. These are currently the focus and seem to be progressing reasonably well at this time. The funding for buildings looks to be on track with what UF has projected. President Machen stated that this could be the biggest year for UF in over a decade. The matching gifts issue has not been settled yet, however the president stated that he feels the result will be fair. There are a number of bills that are not of financial interest, but are very troublesome. President Machen feels that they will die for lack of support in one house or the other. UF is currently and will continue to track them as closely as possible.
  • Tonight faculty will receive an e-mail announcing that next week the faculty survey will be available on the web. Faculty members will receive the web address and password in an additional email from the President's office. The survey has not changed from the previous version distributed. President Machen hopes to receive the same level of response as the last survey.
  • The search committee for the provost is beginning to schedule dates for on-campus interviews. The Committee will meet to identify up to six candidates that will be interviewed the following week. The faculty will be fully advised of the details. The interview process will be open. The committee is considering a web broadcast. President Machen hopes the committee will then turn over two or three candidates to him for a final interview the following week.
  • The president said that when he arrived at UF a year and a half ago there were significant issues to address, none more complicated than the changing higher education governance model that had been in effect for several years prior to his arrival. One specific issue related to the court case over faculty unions at the various universities and the return to the previously existent structure and whether they will be abolished and essentially started over. This has been a difficult process, lacking a clarity that is needed to sort it out. According to the information he has, that debate is near an end. The appeals court has issued a ruling that should be final in the next week or two and will clarify for both the union and all the universities what the relationship is one to another. Whatever that final decision is, President Machen is ready to bring any uncertainty about this issue to an end and is prepared to move as quickly as possible.

Election of Chair-Elect

Pierre Ramond

Presentation: Pierre Ramond outlined the voting procedures for the election of the 2005-2006 chair-elect. Each candidate - Reza Abbaschian, Frank Bova, Mike Katovich, Saeed Khan, Jack Mecholsky and Danaya Wright - addressed the Senators for five minutes. (Jack Mecholsky was unable to attend. Rick Ragan read Dr. Mecholsky.s mission statement.)

The vote was taken and tabulated. No candidate received a majority of the 82 votes. A second round of voting followed. Danaya Wright was elected, receiving 40 of the 78 votes cast.

UF Branding Presentation

Pete Hanley

Presentation: Pete Hanley spoke about the branding initiatives at UF. The primary goal of the branding effort is to help the university meet its goal of moving into the top ten. After speaking with faculty and others, the branding team determined that the faculty and the university do not receive full exposure for their accomplishments. To remedy this will energize the faculty.

Mr. Hanley shared five stories of shining faculty accomplishments. The branding team will soon be meeting with each college to ensure that their stories are told.

Action Items

Name Change - Graduate Engineering Research Center

Sheila Dickison

Presentation: Sheila Dickison presented a proposed name change for the Graduate Engineering Research Center (GERC) at Eglin Air Force Base. The proposed name is Research and Engineering Education Facility (REEF).

Action Taken: Motion was proposed. Vote was taken and unanimously approved.

Next Action:  

New Degree Proposals

  • Master of Science with a Major in Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Animal Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Masters in International Taxation

Ken Gerhardt

Presentation: Ken Gerhardt presented a proposal to move Animal Molecular and Cellular Biology from a concentration to a major at the MS level and the Doctorate level.

Ken Gerhardt presented a proposed new degree, Master in International Taxation.

Action Taken: Motion was proposed. Votes were taken and unanimously approved for all.

Next Action: Faculty Senate will notify the Provost's office as well as the Department that submitted proposal.

Proposed Constitutional Language

  1. Article II Section 5 - APA Assembly

Chris Snodgrass

Presentation: Chris Snodgrass, chair of the Constitution Committee, presented two options to consider for proposed constitutional language regarding the definition of the Academic and Professional Assembly (APA).

Action Taken: A motion to approve the first recommendation was proposed. Motion passed unanimously.

Next Action:  

UF Libraries

Scott Nygren

Presentation: Scott Nygren, Chair of the Council of Academic Infrastructure and Support, presented a report from the council and asked the Senate to approve the following statement:

"The Faculty Senate recognizes that library resources and services are crucial to our academic mission. However, our libraries have been documented as deficient when compared to top ten universities with which the University of Florida aims to compete. Therefore, the Faculty Senate asks the Administration and the Board of Trustees to formulate a policy to improve university libraries to meet the diverse and complex needs of 21st century teaching and research, and to report back within one year regarding resources and strategies to enable the libraries to achieve this goal."

Action Taken: A proposal to pass this was introduced. Motion passed unanimously.

Next Action:  

UF Calendars

  1. 2005 Commencement Ceremonies

Sheila Dickison
Joan Frosch

Presentation: Sheila Dickison reintroduced the proposed revised academic calendars for 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. The revisions address the conflict that occurs between commencement ceremonies and final exams on the Friday of exams week. The revised calendars would eliminate one day of classroom instruction, move reading days to Wednesday and Thursday, begin final exams on Friday and conclude exams on the following Thursday.

Discussion: Several Senators voiced their concerns and proposed options that would eliminate this conflict without removing a reading day.

Action Taken: Motion was defeated. Calendars will remain "as-is".

Next Action:  

Information Items

Constitution Committee

  1. Rules Report

Chris Snodgrass

Presentation: Chris Snodgrass reported on the recent proposed university rules. All rules that were not previously withdrawn were approved by the Board of Trustees.

Nominating Committee

  1. Report

Carol Kem

Presentation: Carol Kem, Chair of the Nominating Committee, gave the annual report of the committee. She provided lists of the candidates for the Senate committees and joint committees. The voting will begin next week and end April 29th. It will be an electronic ballot.

Christie Hennigan will post the ballot on the Senate website and send a message to the list server to advise the Senators when they can vote.

Special Event

Grand Finale

School of Theatre & Dance

Presentation: The School of Theatre and Dance presented a program of music, drama and dance.

Additional Information

The meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm.


Pierre Ramond, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair-Elect
Anthony Brennan, Past-Chair
Barbara Wingo, Parliamentarian
Rick Ragan, Secretary
Abbaschian, Reza
Alavalapati, Janaki
Anghaie, Samim
Aufmuth, Joe
Barletta, Barbara
Bartz, Jerry
Behnke, MaryLou
Blaser, Paul
Bloom, David
Bloomquist, David
Boote, Kenneth
Bova, Frank
Buhi, William
Bussing, Regina
Carr, Margaret
Cenzer, Douglas
Chase, Carlene
Colahan, Patrick
Cutler, Jerry
Davis, Timothy
Dolce, Caolgero
Duckworth, Donna
Eaverly, MaryAnn
Ellis, Laura
Frosch, Joan
Giacobbi, Pete
Goldman, Abraham
Graetz, Donald
Greiner, Ellis
Gregory, Jesse
Hagen, Steve
Hannah, Curt
Hirschfeld, Peter
Hoit, Marc
Howard, Forrest
Hoy, Marjorie
Katovich, Mike
Kem, William

Senators (continued):
Khan, Saeed
Lamme, Ary
Lemak, Christy
Little, Joseph
Lord, Cynthia
McDowell, Lee
McElwee-White, Lisa
Mook, Cathleen
Mueller, Paul
Murphy, Carol
Narayan, Satya
Nickerson, Max
Nogle, June
Nygren, Scott
Ohrn, Yngve
Patterson, Leigh
Pauly, Rebecca
Putz, Francis
Ramond, Pierre
Rodrigue, Jim
Schueller, John
Segal, Richard
Sheplak, Mark
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Wesley
Snodgrass, Chris
Sussman, Lewis
Sutton, Laura Bond
Tanzer, Kim
Vickroy, Thomas
Wayland, Ratree
Weber, Bryan
Werning, John
White, Luise
Williams, Judith
Wilson, George
Wirth, Ferdinand
Wright, Danaya
Yachnis, Anthony
Yost, Rick
Young, Naomi
Ziegart, John

Ex-Officio: Emery, Kim
Gerhard, Ken
Glover, Joe
Hemp, Gene
Kem, Carol
Machen, Bernie
Phillips, Win
Pritz, Stephen
Snodgrass, Chris

Buhler, Amy (HSC Library)
Friel, Michael
Jesano, Rae (HSC Library)
Kirby, Linda
Luzar, E. Jane
Moore, Karen
Shechtman, Orit
Simons, Jeff (Alligator)

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