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University Libraries Committee

  1. Appointment: Elected by Faculty Senate via nominations of faculty members. (9 faculty members and 4 student members; 2 selected by the Graduate Student Council and two selected by Student Government)
  2. Chair: Elected by committee
  3. Responsibilities: The Committee shall assist the Dean of University Libraries in maintaining and promoting the welfare of the University Libraries. It shall meet with the Dean of the University Libraries to review and formulate library policies to serve the needs and concerns of the faculty and students. It shall also serve as an advocate for the University Libraries to the University community. The Committee shall advise the Faculty Senate about the state of the Libraries and the Committee's position on policy matters affecting the Libraries. The Committee shall forward an annual report to the Faculty Senate and the University Administration, and provide other reports whenever advisable.
  4. Term: 3 years for faculty, 1 year for students.

Meeting Minutes: