Faculty Senate Annual Report 2006-2007

Approved Academic Policy Recommendations

December 2006
Minus Grades Recommendations, Academic Policy Council

Approved Resolutions

August 2006
Approved Strategic Work Plan Ratification

October 2006
CLAS Resolution

January 2007
Dispute Resolutions Officer Recommendations, Academic Freedom, Tenure, Professional Relations and Standards Committee

February 2007
Resolution on the Academic Enhancement Program

March 2007
Resolution on Focus the Nation

April 2007
Faculty Budget Resolution

Approved Constitution Changes

October 2006
Temporary Senator Replacement Policy. Senate bylaw 4 E 2 (e)

Absence policy for councils and committees. Constitution Article IV Section 2

Senate Secretary Constitution Article IV Section 3

December 2006
Nominating Committee Language

January 2007
Compensation Committee Original Proposed Language  

Approved Committee on Committee Recommendations

October 2006
Nominating Committee Structure

March 2007
Student Memberships

University Curriculum Committee and General Education Council

Approved Curriculum Items

October 2006
Engineering Joint Degree Program

November 2006
Name Change: Department of Decision and Information Sciences to the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

December 2006

Proposal to move the concentration Entrepreneurship under the Master of Science with a major in
Business Administration to a Master of Science with a major in Entrepreneurship

Proposal to sunset the International Relations PhD program in the Political Science Department

January 2007
Proposal to sunset three degrees 1. the Master of Civil Engineering with a major in Civil Engineering 2. the Engineer degree with a major in Civil Engineering 3. the Engineer degree with a major in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering

February 2007
Migration of Nutritional Sciences concentration to PhD in Nutritional Sciences

March 2007
PhD in Biostatistics

Discontinuation of the CIS major within the BSBA Program, College of Business





Senate Meetings

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